Oceanside Village Homeowner:

How To View On Line Account Information

To get your Password, email osvhoa@gmail.com and provide the Homeowner Name, On Site Address and Account ID (which is the Serial Account No. in your coupon book – 5150????.)  You will receive your Password by return email within 24 hrs. Once you have received your Password, follow instructions below.

In order to view your statements, visit the website: www.osvhoa.com.  Double click on Resident Log In using your existing user log in.  Go to ” Your Account” and in the drop down box, click on OSV Account.

It is highly recommended that the browser you use is: Firefox, Chrome or Safari (Mac Only). Internet Explorer is NOT supported at all.

Below is a picture of the login screen:

Enter the Account ID,  Example: 5150_ _ _ _.  Then your Password that you received.

Once you have put in the Account ID and your Password, click the “Sign In” button.

Statement screen:

Here you can either View or Save your statements.

Below is the interface for performing either one of those options.  You also have a Log Off button.

The View button will open a new tab* with your statement viewable.

The Save button will either download it or prompt you where you want to save it depending on the browser you are using.

*The default value of opening a new tab can be overwritten by the plugins you have in your browser.  There are too many to account for so it will download the statement if a plugin gets in the way.


Click the Log Off button when complete.